We are now publishing the IDMB Initial Findings report. This report covers the initial findings from the Institutional Data Management Blueprint (IDMB) project. The following sections are included:
  • Data management audit. An audit has been carried out to find out how users manage their data, and how the University supports them. This is the results of an online questionnaire and interviews with 50 researchers. The AIDA (Assessing Institutional Digital Assets) toolkit has been used to benchmark current capability at the departmental/school and institutional level.
  • Kick-off workshop. A report on the kick-off workshop held on 24 March 2010, with over 40 attendees, describes the quick wins, long term dreams, and current issues described by the participants.
  •  Data Management Framework. This section describes the current and proposed future direction, for an integrated data management framework for the University of Southampton. It includes: policy, governance and legal issues; services and infrastructure; gap analysis, and; metadata strategy.
  • 5.    Pilot implementations. A brief description of the three pilot studies that are being carried out in archaeology, the Nanofabrication Centre, and for a repository meta-search prototype.
The report concludes with a set of recommendations for the institution based on our initial findings.

Appendices are included with the questionnaire, interview questions, AIDA survey, and funders’ policies.
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You can read our latest progress, as reported by JISC programme manager Simon Hoson @ http://researchdata.jiscinvolve.org/wp/2010/08/15/jiscmrd-project-updates-2-the-idmb-project/
We're delighted that Dr Simon Coles will be starting a new JISC project, in collaboration with STFC: WebTracks: web-scale link tracking for research data and publications

"The WebTracks Project will explore ways of making research data more accessible and easy to use by enabling researchers to establish links which represent the evidential stages between data, analysis, scientific conclusions and publication."
Today we presented our work at the great EIDCSR Workshop in Oxford - http://eidcsr.oucs.ox.ac.uk/policy_workshop.xml

This was a brilliant event, particularly seeing how the univerwites of Melbourne, Oxford and Edinburgh are tackling data management and curation. It appears that we are all sharing the same views on how this needs to be done from the top-down and from the bottom-up to make it work.

You can read more about EIDCSR (Embedding Institutional Data Curation Services in Research) @ http://eidcsr.blogspot.com/
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IDMB Workshop


Over 60 staff from across the University of Southampton attended the first IDMB workshop on 24th March 2010. This awareness raising event provided a lively forum for discussion on the project so far, including some preliminary results from our survey of data management.

The lunchtime discussion included a brainstorming session for participants in which they were asked to think about:

- Quick Wins, achieveable immediately to improve researchers data management experience;

- Dreams and Aspirations, what researchers want in an ideal world, and;

- Issues and Frustrations, things that currently work against researchers.

This workshop proved that the research community wants to engage in this project, which bodes well for the future.
You can see what our researchers think byviewing  the presentation below...
We're very excited that our Institutional Data Management Blueprintg project is now going. We have a great team across several academic schools, iSolutions (our IT service) and the library. We are also delighted to have DCC, Oxford University and the National Oceanography Centre Southampton working with us.

We'll be using this blog to let you know what's happening with the project as it progresses. We hope you find it interesting and useful.